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What We Do



Products, services, and Features

1        Photography: Aerial Photography, Option of combined Ground Commercial Photography.
2        Survey (Photogrammetry): Digital Elevation Model, Volumetric and distance Calculations, georeferenced maps.
3        3d Model: Buildings, towers, Simulations.
4        Special Operations: SAR, Fire Scouting, Traffic Reporting, News and Events, Crime Scene Reconstructions, Crash Scene analysis and simulation’s.
5        Real Estate: Photography and Video, Altitude and landscape analysis, 3d reconstruction with simulations.
6        Agriculture Survey:
7        Orthophotos:
8        Inspections: Towers, Insurance, bridges, Buildings, Properties, Insurance


Product perception




1        Versatile: From Cinematics’ to Surveys, Art and Science.
2        Pro Safety: UAV, Mining, CARs (Canadian Aviation Regulation and Standards), and Pilot Training, Pro Safety Nets,
3        Transport Canada:Special Flight Operating Certificate (SFOC) Obtained, Flight Notices and Exceptions,
4        Autonomous:  Preset flight plans can provide routine data much faster than previous methods.
5        Dual Accuracy: Ground passed Geo reference with High Accuracy GPS systems for improved data.
6        Local: Born and raised In Thunder Bay, support the North, From The North.
7        Reduces size of Team: 1 UAV can gather as much data as a team of people. In a fraction of the time.
8        Less Intrusive:  Won’t Leave marks, Runs of electricity to reduce Sound and Pollution, Small enough to fly in a variety of locations.
9        Less Down time and Hinderous: Flying is much faster than walking,
10     Low Cost: Light Weight, Smaller than 2kg UAV’s for most operations, Exceptions, Fast, Versatile, operate in complex locations. (quad copters)
11     Safe and Reliable: Save time and Lives



Types of Data Uses

1        Simulations: Floods, Crash Scene, Point of View, Property Placement,
2        Digital Elevation Scale: Stock Piles, buildings, Maps and Topo,
3        Volumetric calculations: Land Forms and Objects, Stock Pile,
4        Distance Calculations: Land Owners, Surveys, Maps,
5        3d Models: Buildings, Towers, Stock Piles, Grid Planning,
6        Informed agriculture: Identify crop stress, Create digital elevation models of land
7        Public Safety:
8        Construction: cut costs, mitigate risk and make better-informed decisions
9        Utilities and Telecom: Inspect Power Stations, Wind turbines, Towers, Power Lines, Cell Towers.
10     Insurance: loss prevention or a claim inspection
11     Use with Autodesk products